In Search of Tiger Joe

This is a table top RPG game designed to be played with 6 to 10 players. Secondary design has been incorporated to play this game with a large class where teams of students can collaboratively role play a single character (i.e. each character is managed by a team of students). This is a beta version of the game and has been designed with a mind to last not more than 2 hours in total. The notes version of the game will be made available after the class has played it (no spoilers!)



The rain, once non-existent, appears forever torrential these days – composed of heavy, slick, and metallic tasting droplets that seem to sizzle when contact is made with the earth. Something is up with this rain – its origin, a decade ago, was so sudden, and happened in what appeared to be in leaps and bounds, like a dial turned up one step at a time. It has wrecked havoc with the climate of Northern hemisphere, influencing the earth’s work energy unnaturally and drastically altering water cycles for the unpredictable good of some and detriment of others.

And whilst New Korea initially celebrated the arrival of this much needed moisture, its citizens soon turned to anger. Slowly, this water has begun to sting, and today it eats at the lipi crop it once irrigated. It eats at this plant-based currency made from fat: that which is caloric rich, succulent, burnable, cellular in nature, and also the perceived luxury calling card of biologics. It also eats at the unfortunate humans with no roofs over their heads. Even the CRISPR wizards can’t modify things to deal with the damage – no quick mods to beef up your epidermal layer, no quick tweak to augment lipi production. Not without consequences at least – you can always see these hasty acts of genetic innovation throughout the city. There’s strangeness and danger and a degree of greasiness in every crowd.

You are part of a group of independent and concerned mercenaries who are on the hunt for information. Your community has long suspected that the decade long rainstorm is due to illegal geoengineering activity. You do not, however, know any other details: the how, the who, and most importantly, the why. Recently, intel has crossed your group’s path suggesting that answers may lie in the most unexpected of places – the intellect of a tiger.

Not an ordinary tiger mind you, a GM Tiger. One that is codenamed “Joe,” and belonging to the ever prescient Kim Ghou Sun (the CEO of a very successful microbial remediation firm). You know that it has been CRISPRd at least twice – once as an embryo, and another time during its formative pup years. Which is why Joe is beyond cogent with human level intellect – it’s a big GM cat who can think like a human. And he knows stuff, and your group needs to find him.

Image from Trust Constipated Tiger brand matches, 1953 (via